Mini Series

Qu'est-ce qu'on a l'temps..

A mini series created during those times of containment... Started in April 2020. Feel free to watch, download, share, like, comment the videos, they are here to be watched ! The series is financed by watchers, don't hesitate to donate with the link on the bottom of this page. The donators will see their ideas turned into an episode :) 

Episode I - "Y'en a la dedans..."

In those strange times, we shall all be at home, alone, with our beloved ones, or not... And we realise our world is based on what we have, what we possess. We reflect and might understand that it means nothing. And then, panic comes........

Episode II - "Tout est dans ta tête..."

Panic comes... But the key is inside of us, get rid of this notion of time they give us, and get to know your inner world and its thousands of possibilities...

Episode III - "Sport de Chambre..."  

Don't forget to do yourself good!

Kid version: Follow this link

Episode IV - "Round I... Fight !"

Fight your inner demons... 

Episode V - "Chuuut... Ecoute !

Tonight, open your windows and listen...

Episode VI - "Faites le vide..."

Empty your mind...

Episode VII - "Round I... Fight !"

Fight your inner demons... 

Episode VIII - "Dehors... en dedans

Finally out?

Episode IX - "Diner en tête à tête..." Part I

A romantic diner is on its way...

Episode X - "Diner en tête à tête..." Part II

A romantic diner is on its way...

Episode XI - "Wasser..."

Meanwhile, he washed his hands..

Episode XII - "Un cadeau empoisonné ?"

What a gift!

Episode XIII - "Déconfinement..."

This time, it's for good !

Épisodes bonus

Ep Bonus I - "Caché... pas caché"

Hide and seek...


As said, the mini series is financed by the watchers, we propose you to be able to see your ideas turned into new episodes if you donate something.